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1-Post Pylon Sign

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Terms & Conditions Last modified: June 11, 2019 The purchasing company (you) attests that you have read and understand how to use the standard sign type engineered drawings ("Drawing(s)"). In exchange for the authority to use the Drawings provided by Registered Engineer F. D. Wolfrom, you agree to meet the standards and guidelines set out in the drawings. You understand and acknowledge that the Sign Association of Canada, including the Manitoba chapter, is released and forever discharged from any claim for compensation or damages arising from the improper manufacture or installation of any sign. Further, you represent that you are assuming responsibility and liability for the manufacture and installation of this sign. The cost is $120 per Drawing use for Sign Association members, and $320 per Drawing use for non-members. The Sign Association board may request random audits to determine the level of adherence to the Drawings. Failure to observe proper procedure may result in withdrawal of privileges. Drawings are non-refundable and non-transferable. *Total price includes 5% GST.

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